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Liwan Gallery, a family-owned business, was founded by Mostafa Ezz El-Din, who began his journey as an art collector in the 80s. While specializing in oriental artwork, Ezz El-Din envisioned the gallery to be a versatile hub encompassing various genres, from oriental and modern art to contemporary expressions.

As the exclusive art gallery in Egypt focusing on oriental art, Liwan Gallery transcends boundaries. Its primary objective is to illuminate significant artists and artworks, both locally and internationally, through exhibitions that offer a distinctive and refreshing experience. This amalgamation of the past and present enables Liwan Gallery to curate exhibitions for pioneering and renowned artists from different eras, employing various creative concepts.

The gallery’s digital presence, spearheaded by Karima Mostafa, the daughter of Mostafa Ezz El-Din, extends its reach to a broader audience of art enthusiasts and collectors. In addition to exhibitions, Liwan Gallery provides consulting services and curated painting displays, catering to art lovers seeking unique pieces.

Liwan Gallery’s commitment to bridging traditional and contemporary art establishes its prominent role in the dynamic art scene.


Art display service.

Art advisory services.

Conducting art appraisals.

Handling consignments.

Collaborating with interior designers and decorators.


"Embracing diverse forms of art elevates our mastery in the profound art of living."


In Arabic architecture, the term ‘Liwan’ designates a central area within a building or residence. It serves as a flexible space for gatherings, meetings, and can even function as an entryway or courtyard. With a history spanning more than 2000 years, the Liwan typically featured comfortable seating arrangements with cushions for guests, and its walls were adorned with artwork and handicrafts.