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60 x 90 cm - 2014

Hassan El Shark

Mixed media on paper
60 x 90 cm
signed & dated


Abraham Saakian

Mixed media on canvas
120 x 80 cm

(6) Abraham Saakian - 50 x 60 cm
Abraham Saakian

Mixed media on canvas
60 x 50 cm

(23) Alek Alekyan - 100 x 90 cm
Alek Alekyan

Mixed media on canvas
100 x 90 cm

Romeo Avagyan

Mixed media on canvas
110 x 90 cm

(18) Armen Vahramian - 60 x 60 cm
Armen Vahramian

Mixed media on canvas
60 x 60 cm

Hassan El Shark (1949 – 2022) was a self-taught Egyptian artist known for his unconventional techniques and global acclaim in European art circles. Born in Zawyet Sultan, Egypt, to the village butcher, El Shark began his artistic journey as a child, using unique materials like palm tree fibers and his father’s meat wrapping paper. He even crafted his own colors using local herbalist spices.

In his hometown, El Shark established a museum that attracted tourists. His paintings are showcased in prestigious institutions worldwide, including the Louvre Museum, Berlin Museum, National Museum of Beirut, National Art Museum in Colombia, Egyptian Academy in Rome, Museum of Modern Art in Egypt, Egyptian Opera House in Cairo, and the American University Museum in Cairo. Despite his global success, El Shark remained connected to his roots, adhering to traditional customs and drawing inspiration from his familiar surroundings until his passing.

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